Florida- 5 Hour Law and Ethics Update 5-214

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6-17 $24.95
18-24 $39.95
25-50 $49.95
51+ $49.95 + $2.00 per
additional hour over 50

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  • Life and Variable Annuity(214)

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FastrackCE, LLC


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Consistent ethical behavior, trustworthiness, client centered focus, professionalism, competency, consistency, and ongoing dedication to increased competency through continuing education are the cornerstones of professional development, success, and longevity in the insurance business.

It’s important that Florida agents also be aware of important rules, regulations, and requirements that apply to their professional insurance practices and continued regulatory competency. There are Florida Insurance Code regulations which outline requirements and provide guidelines that agents must be aware of and comply with. In this course we take a good look at them with students.




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